Friday, June 16, 2006

3**8 Via Baldona, Oceanside, CA 92056

I found this example of property listed below 2004 prices on the Piggnington site.

This loss comes in at $31,800. While I haven't reviewed the analysis it's pretty sound and follows my methodology. It's good to see other people watching their local markets for price movements as we just aren't hearing about these examples in the regular media.


powayseller said...

Thanks for posting these. Aren't there some other examples of $100k losses given on the piggington site? I suppose you post only the Sold properties, not the ones where the seller is listing at a loss.

Schahrzad Berkland

Mr. Brightside said...

I post both actually, basically anything that's listed or sold below a previous price is of interest.

I started doing this because the aggregate numbers that come out aren't that useful and don't tell the story that is out there.

We are seeing many cases where property sold in 2004 is worth less that cost.