Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Downtown Condo at Treo #2106

Condos selling for less than 2004 prices is starting to be a pretty clear pattern.

Resale Price: $644,000
Cost: $749,000

Loss@6% Sales Expenses: $143,640

Resale Date: 03/30/2006
Purchase Date: 09/17/2004
Holding Period: 18 months

Purchase Details: view

Resale Details: view


Anonymous said...

HI Mr Brightside --

If you're up for a field trip, here's a goody in North county. I have no idea how they got a loan for so high above the appraisal. Oh wait. I do ...

526 VIA DE LA VALLE #A, Solana Beach, CA 92075
On Market: 261 days
MLS #: 051082148
List Price: $645,000
Sale Price in 2005 $635,000
2005 appraised value $394,835

Mr. Brightside said...

Thanks for the tip, I've posted an entry just for this unit.

Let me know if you find anymore.