Monday, August 21, 2006

San Diego Market Monitor Statistics

The biggest dollar loss so far has been taken at a 30th floor luxury unit at Park Place. view

The biggest loss percentage on a downtown condo has been on a foreclosed unit at Renaissance. view

Finally the biggest loss percentage recorded on this site to date is on a property in Rancho Bernardo. view

Total Losses: $4,399,178

Total Properties Tracked: 59

Average Loss%: 12.49%

Largest Loss: $220,000

Largest Loss%: 29.66%


Anonymous said...

Make that 60 properties tracked.

MLS #: 061063972


Anonymous said...


MLS #: 061064168

Anonymous said...


MLS #: 061066010

Anonymous said...


MLS #: 061034576

This stuff has to hurt.

Sven said...

Keep updating Brightside! This is no time to slack!

Mr. Brightside said...

Hi sven,

I've got a bunch of posts in the hopper. I didn't post all four of these since two were still priced just slightly higher than the cost. Even though with transaction costs they are underwater I like to only post properties selling/sold below cost.

Most likely these will be price cut to or will sell below cost in which case I'll put them up as closed transactions.

I've put them on my watch list.

Thanks for dropping by!