Tuesday, September 19, 2006


More controversy on a downtown high-rise project that is under development. The developer seems to have found a way to raise prices which is leaving contracted customers unhappy. Ironcically prices are going down, the developer may have been better off just leaving the prices where they were.



Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll bite. Why is the developer raising prices, other than massive stupidity?


Anonymous said...

I am sooo glad we did not buy there!
We looked, but the sales associate seemed drunk/hungover.
Not a good impression on us at all.

Anonymous said...

I thought that project looked below average...and East Village to boot, ugh! That place is disgusting. I would never ever buy a condo there.

Mr. Brightside said...

anon 11:20,

Where did you buy? Care to share the details?

I actually like the building, the rooftop hot tub is pretty unique.

That's not to say I like the prices or the sales practices there.

That neighborhood is tough, pretty much everywhere the trolley goes expect for Little Italy is a rough area.

David Ashley Gilbert said...

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Anonymous said...

anom 11:20

We actually ended up buying a precon SFR
to rent and hold out of state.
The construction workers at the Smartcorner went on strike after
the builders shut them out of their union...
This happened after the buliding was halfway finished.
I think it only lasted a day or two...
On another note, no flipping allowed for 1 year after COE at the Smartcorner...
The Trolley is going to have a station right there inbetween the 2 buildings, the tracks have already been laid.

Mark in San Diego said...

Observations on "rough trolly neighborhoods"

I had never really thought about that, but in downtown, that is pretty correct. Of course I do take it out to Fashion Valley once in a while. Actually, although I used to live in Manhattan (years ago), so the homeless, etc. don't really bother me (they are kind of mellow compared to SF or NYC), I think it must be a tough sell for out of towners. Downtown has been somewhat disappointing for me (except Little Italy) as there are few retail stores outside of Horton Plaza. I can't buy a screwdriver, bedspread (Macy's has no home store), or anything for the house - I found myself going out to Mission Valley for EVERYTHING!. . .no Pottery Barn, no Crate and Barrel, no Target, No Nothing!. . .If I want an unlimited choice of "distressed jeans" then Horton Plaza is ok. On the food front - no Trader Joe's, no Whole Foods, no Henry's. . .the Ralphs just doesn't always make it. I was recently in Washington DC and NYC. DC is the most improved city in America (from 10 years ago). Both cities offer a vibrant city culture with theater, stores, museums, etc. . .if downtown SD wants to really become "Paradise by the Sea" then we need something beside a nice view downtown. . .sorry for the rant, but I hope other people read this an discuss the issue.

Anonymous said...

I agree totally with Mark. Downtown really needs to build more retail- a Trader Joe's would be great as I currently go to the one in Hillcrest and it is a madhouse. I too go to either Mission Valley or Pt. Loma for Target, Henry's, etc. and it is not the most convenient thing. I'm surprised that the retail growth downtown has been so slow; personally I think the East Village area is the most logical place for this kind of development considering the amount of dilapidated factories and strip-mall type buildings that sit over there.

This is one of the weird things about downtown; even with all of the new shiny condo buildings so much of it still looks rundown and abandoned.

Anonymous said...

Actually, a Whole Foods and Albertson's
are planned to be built in the east village.
A Ross Dress For Less is opening on 5th
& C soon as well.
I can't help you out with screwdrivers-
maybe GTM?

Mr. Brightside said...

I love living downtown, I agree that it needs more retail of all sorts. While most people trumpet Horton Plaza as a big success I'd much rather have "city retail" like Santa Monica has. It was too bad that Banana Republic decided to stay at Horton as they were looking at the retail space at Broadway Lofts at 5th and Broadway. That would have helped a lot. There has been a nice bump in retail at the end of 5th in the Gaslamp Square building.

I do go up to Whole Foods in Hillcrest a lot, if you take 1st ave the drive is kinda nice compared to the freeway.

What makes you think a Whole Foods is planned for downtown? I've heard that rumor before but have never seen it substantiated.

downtown sideliner said...

I rent downtown too and I love it. I think the retail will catch up to the influx of residents (market forces), but it will take a couple of years to catch up. The condos came first, now retail must follow. Ralph's is making a killing being the only viable place for groceries and other chains have noticed and plan to open here. Be patient, but I think downtown SD has some great things going for it.

That said, I'm on the sidelines for buying in this downturn (maybe '07 or '08), but I think downtown SD will be a rock star investment long term.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think a Whole Foods is planned for downtown? I've heard that rumor before but have never seen it substantiated.

Actually, just a rumor at work...

I sized up the WFM website, and no SD locales are in the works...WAH!!

Too Bad, we could use one Downtown.

I agree the homeless and riff raff are out of control...
Thank you Saint Vincent De Paul and the Voulenters Of America!!!
Great for them not for us!

BTW- Blimpies at Park/Market went OUB, not sure why, speculating it is because of the lame workers they had in there...too slow...anyways it is for sale if there are anty takers!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, at least the grocery and other shopping in UTC is great!

Anonymous said...

Just another example of greed. Many developers are doing this. There is a pretty good news story on this at www.smartcornersucks.com .

Good luck everyone!