Wednesday, October 18, 2006

$100,000+ Loss on 4S Ranch Home - 9965 Fieldthorn St, San Diego, CA 92127

Here's a great example of a single family detached home in North County San Diego that's seen a signficant value decline since it last changed hands just less than a year ago.

The price reduction history below speaks for itself:

Price Reduced: 07/21/06 -- $545,000 to $530,000
Price Reduced: 09/13/06 -- $530,000 to $519,000
Price Reduced: 09/23/06 -- $519,000 to $500,000
Price Reduced: 10/16/06 -- $500,000 to $490,000

Type: Listed on MLS(#066046518)

Resale Price: $495,000
(Range priced $490,000 to $500,000)
Cost: $571,000

Loss@6% Sales Expenses: $105,700
Loss%: 18.51%

Purchase Date: 11/30/2005
Holding Period: 11 months and counting...

Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2.5
Square Feet: 1581

Purchase Details: view

Thanks to John for the lead on the property. Send examples of losses to me directly at!


ocrenter said...

looks like we both decided to pick on 4S Ranch today.

the said property is in pre-foreclosure with 3 additional months until auction.

it is, of course, another zero down, 100% financing victim.

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Anonymous said...

I looked at these houses back in
2003, builder was asking around
400k. If you add .5% extra tax
for MR and 2 association fees, one
for common area and one for 4S
ranch community. It adds up to extra $1000 a month. Not a deal
back then and not a good deal now. House worth around $350K on a good day.

Anonymous said...

"It adds up to extra $1000 a month"

Life must be good for those people who bought these houses, Idiots.