Friday, December 01, 2006

Single Family Home at Liberty Station - 2923 FARRAGUT RD, SD - Point Loma, CA 92106

This is the first property at Liberty Station to appear on this blog. Liberty Station is the former naval training center just west of Lindbergh Field. I'm sure the jets are loud there.

Type: Listed on MLS(#066063999)

List Price: $769,500
(Range priced $799,000 to $740,000)
Cost: $825,379
Loss@6% Sales Expenses: $102,049
Loss%: 12.36%

Purchase Date: 01/24/2005
Holding Period: 23 months and counting...

Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3
Square Feet: 1931

Purchase Details: view


Anonymous said...

Oh my god...

I used to live in Bankers Hill. Right in the the landing path of planes touching down at Lindbergh. I got used to the noise but my friends would always think I was crazy for living in a place that was so loud.

I remember thinking to myself how lucky I was not to be living on the other side of the airport!

Moral of the story...

When someone you know that lives in a flight path feels sorry for someone else because of the noise. You know the place they're thinking about is loud. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Actually, the homes at Liberty Station were built on the south end of the project, away from the runway, and were built with sound attenuation in mind. So it's not that loud. It can get noisy toward the other end of the project. But it's not bad at all in the homes.

Anonymous said...

one thing that I never understood,
whats the point to live close to
noisy freeway, airport ,,....
when you can't even open your
window for some fresh air!

I guess in up market nothing matter, noise, pollution, sh*t box.

Anonymous said...

Lindberg Field? Pulleeezzz... let's get the spelling straight... it's Lindbergh Field:

Jesus of Miramar said...

anon 10:11

How are your real estate investments doing? :P

Anonymous said...

I do live in Banker's Hill just to the south of the flight path (half a block!) and some people have thought I was crazy for living there, but hey, they don't have a bay view. I have my windows open whenever necessary and you do get very used to it. It's the street noise that I have a problem with. When it is foggy, the planes often get turned around and they take off over Banker's Hill and that I do not like. It is louder and much scarier for some reason. If I could afford to buy here, I would.

SwimJet said...

RE: Lindberg Field? Pulleeezzz... let's get the spelling straight... it's Lindbergh Field:

More tips for strengthening self-esteem:
Avoid being judgmental. If a lot of your interactions with others are criticisms, put downs, complaints, or judgments, it may be keeping others away. For some people, a judgmental attitude comes from low self-esteem which they try to overcome by criticizing others. Work on viewing others more positively.

Hope this helps. :)

Mr. Brightside said...

I've lived downtown in the Cortez Hill and Little Italy areas before, you can definitely tell when planes are taking off from west to east due to bad west.

Also I fixed the typo that an anonymous poster made note of, albeit in an discourteous manner. I'm all for being as correct as possible. I'm happy to report that the facts in the post are to my knowledge correct and verifiable which I something I spend a lot of time working on - at the expense of my proofreading time. :)

Anonymous said...

It's "Lindbergh Field." And the residential area of Liberty Station gets very little jet noise.

Anonymous said...

I have to throw the bullshit flag here. I have a yacht across the road from the Liberty station area and it is noisy as HELL anywhere NEAR that area......I dont care how thick your "Bay" windows are....get real people jets are noisy

Anonymous said...

"I have a yacht across the road from the Liberty station area"

Your yacht is probably across Harbor Drive which is the commercial side of Liberty Station. That's the area where the new hotels are being built. The residential (non-military) area bounded by Rosecrans and Loring is fairly quiet. You can hear much more car noise off Rosecrans than jet noise from SAN. However, I've never been in Liberty Station when jets approach from the west. They normally approach from the Little Italy side. Western approaches are very rare but could be noisy for Liberty Station residents.

Anonymous said...

no longer in MLS. Status?