Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Real Estate Roller Coster

Taking a little break from the local posts to feature this very interesting video sent to me by Keith.


Curt said...


(Will it be scary on the way down?)

wannabuy said...

Please keep this on the site for a long time. If you could please put a link. If it could have a link on the sidebar, I would appreciate it. Why? I'm going to show it to a LOT of people. It really puts the real estate market into perspective.

I love how it end high up on the edge.

Following comments are because I do not know the roller coaster tycoon software:
IF it were to be redone, it should follow natural terrain expect for the various bubbles. Then go up on truss structure. In dips where it undershoots inherent values, it should be in trenches or caves.

I'm not nitpicking, I love the format. But that would *really* emphasize where the market has been and is going. Definitely it needs to end just as it does now; high up in oblivion at the end of the tracks.

Got popcorn?