Friday, July 28, 2006

Very Interesting Article on Condo Sales Practices

I'm making a slight deviation from my usual posts about price depreciation to point out a very interesting article by Will Carless with the Voice of San Diego.

Make your own judgements about the article, as for me I'd never do business with real estate agents that are only concerned about their commission.


Anonymous said...

this is why I am seriously thinking about getting my on real estate license -- namely to cut out the agents in any of my transactions -- then the increased commissions equals a reduced sales price to me. Is it worth my time to get my license to save 25k, 50k or more -- definitely

Mr. Brightside said...

It's really amazing what the ethics are like out there.

I agree that doing your own transactions easily pays for the time and money that it takes to get licensed.

You might also consider building an ethical real estate brokerage business. I've also thought about doing that since I know the market better than a lot of agents.

Are you an active real estate investor? What do you think the market will do?